Music Program

Fall 2017 is here and the children of Mar Vista are busy singing American Folk songs and Folk Songs from around the World in the weekly music lessons.

Every child gets an opportunity to play xylophones, drums and other percussion instruments.

We learn dances from around the world and create our own music. We listen to classical music
and identify the elements of music that we hear.

Our 4th and 5th Grade Chorus is preparing for the 90th Anniversary of the city of Mar Vista which
will be at the Mar Vista Farmers Market on Sunday, November 5th. The exact time is TBD.
Music is so important for our children. In music classes at Mar Vista I challenge our students to
make connections with the stories and the cultures of the music that we learn. There are
language arts, science and math connections in my weekly lessons. And above all this, music
class is a place where children can express themselves and learn to love to perform.

The Curriculum that I teach all students Kindergarten through 5th Grade is comprised of a
balanced and sequential program of singing, playing instruments, listening to music, improvising
and composing, and moving to music. Also included are learning experiences designed to
develop the ability to read music, use the notation and terminology of music, analyze and
describe music, make informed evaluations concerning music, and understand music and music
practices in relation to history and culture and to other disciplines in the curriculum.

I love teaching music and take great joy in seeing students excited about learning to read music,
sing a great variety of styles, play their Orff instruments and perform. I am a certified Orff
teacher. I have received certification in 2 levels of Orff at Cal State Los Angeles. I have also taken
Music for Children and World Music at Cal State Dominguez Hills. I am a K-12 Vocal and
Instrumental credentialed teacher. My B.A. is from the University of Nebraska. I have taken many
Music Theory Classes, Conducting Classes, Ear Training, Sight Singing and Performance
classes. I have taught music for a total of 17 years. I have also spent 10 years as a professional
actress and director in musical theatre.