Computer Program

Mar Vista Elementary partners with PlanetBravo to deliver a formal technology curriculum while integrating common core standards in a mobile cart environment.

This is funded 100% by MVSEG funds.


Planet Bravo’s technology curriculum instills a wide range of skills as valued by the National Educational Technology Standards as well as their own proprietary technology standards compiled and written by our academic team.

Grade Level

Theme of the Year

Technology Lessons


Technology as a Tool for Coordination

Finding our Way on Computers

Mousing and keyboarding games – using the computer

to become familiar with its features. Introduction to

letters and numbers games, too!


Technology as a Tool for Introduction

Playing on computers is fun!

Basic computer functions, mousing, keyboard recognition,

academic games (both online and locally-installed),

word processing, digital art, and OS familiarity.

First Grade

Technology as a Tool for Integration

Using Academic Programs to Learn!

Academic Games, Basic Word Processing,

Basic Internet Use, Graphics integration.

Second Grade

Technology as a Tool for Creation

Creating on Computers!

Computer Art, Desktop Publishing, Story-telling and Animation Sites, Photo-Editing, Slideshow Presentations.

Third Grade

Technology as a Tool for Exploration

This year, we learn by Discovery!

Computer Hardware, Troubleshooting, story-telling sites, Word Processing, Basic Spreadsheets, Slideshows, Internet research, and more.

Fourth Grade

Technology as a Tool for Communication

Big year of Communicating with technology!

Keyboarding intro, Internet Research, Blogs, Wikis, Podcasting, Email, Infographics, Video Montages, Online Collaboration through Google Apps.

Fifth Grade

Technology as a Tool for Multimedia Presentation

Big year of Research and Presentation!

Responsible Internet Use, Research, Video Editing, Animation, Programming, Multimedia

Online Slideshows, Web Design.