Programming and Enrichment


MVSEG Funded Programs You Can Look Forward To This Year

Educational Technology – Every child receives computer instruction by a qualified Computer Instructor in their classrooms
Visual Arts – Every child receives art instruction. Our exciting art program has a rich curriculum that culminates in an all-school art museum at the end of the year.
Music – Every child receives music instruction. The program includes 2 choruses, 2 all-grades musical performances, and instrument instruction in Third and Fourth Grades.
Science – Every child receives hands-on science education in a lab filled with Foss science kits and trained aides.
Physical Education – Students participate in physical education every week. The program emphasizes teamwork, sportsmanship, and the benefits of regular physical exercise.
Librarian – Every child visits the library every week and benefits from the knowledge of an experienced Library Aide.
Teacher Aides – Qualified classroom aides help out TK, Kinder, First and Second Grade teachers, as well as provide individual and small group attention to support students’ specific needs and abilities.
The Spirit Series – Our Fourth and Fifth Grade students get to take part in this drama based values and literacy initiative. They perform inspiring one-act historical biographies that students study, co-write, stage, and perform.
STEAM Night– Mar Vista families enjoy an evening of hands-on activities featuring science, technology, engineering, art and math. This fun, free event is made possible by volunteers, staff and several organizations.