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Annual Giving Campaign The Annual Giving Campaign is the largest direct donation fundraiser at Mar Vista. The money raised helps fund enrichment programs such as art, PE, science, technology, the librarian and classroom aides. The campaign kicks off with the Phone-A-Thon on September 13 & 14 from 6-8PM at the Bizzy Blondes Real Estate Offices. This crucial event raises 40% of the MVSEG budget. Last year we raised over $200,000; this year our goal is $200,000! We need parent volunteers to help make calls to Mar Vista families to gather contributions. Volunteers can help one or both evenings. A few hours of your time can make a huge difference!
Amazon Associates MVSEG is proud to be an Amazon Associate. Anyone (family, friends, neighbors) can use our special link to buy anything on (music, books, electronics, toys – the list goes on!) and MVSEG will receive a percentage of each sale up to 15%.
Big Boo Raffle Obtains the prizes and coordinates ticket sales for a drawing held in conjunction with our school’s popular Halloween carnival.
School Beautification Weekend MVSEG purchases supplies, gathers volunteers and hosts three Saturdays of campus improvement projects such as gardening, painting and equipment repair.
School Beautification Weekend Food School Beautification Days are held once or twice a year to provide an opportunity for all the stakeholders in Mar Vista Elementary to pitch in to beautify and improve the school. A big part of the day is taking care of our volunteers by providing food and refreshment donated by many of our neighborhood businesses that support our mission.
Dolphin News Published quarterly, the Dolphin News is the school’s take-home newsletter. Features include goings on on-campus, the Principal’s Report, updates from the Enrichment Group and the PTA, articles and artwork submitted by the students, current events from LAUSD, grants updates, and scheduling information. Everyone is encouraged to submit articles and pictures for publication.
First Aid Kits Each Mar Vista student is required to have an emergency kit at school in case of an emergency. Save time and support MVSEG by purchasing a complete kit through us and all you will have to do is fill out the information card!
Grants Grants can supplement our fundraising activities and significantly enrich our school’s academic fitness and physical plant programs. The committee locates grants, writes grant proposals, and helps others to locate and write grants. Activities also include administration of current granted projects.
Holiday Boutique Responsible for coordinating the fabulous local vendors who sell their artisan goods during the annual Winter Show and then donate a percentage of their earnings to MVSEG.
Hospitality What’s a meeting without snacks?  MVSEG provides child care for a nominal donation at every meeting along with a food and refreshments donated by the guests themselves and organized by Hospitality.
Boosterthon Mar Vista’s newest fundraiser that will get everyone moving and reaching new goals! This event will take place in February.
Landscape Coordinates the district’s schedule of upkeep with the MVSEG contracted gardener. Works hand in hand with the Playground Committee and keeps an eye on areas that need re-furbishing or re-planting.
Mixed Bag Designs Ongoing throughout the year on the school website.  Shop for bags, totes, gifts and earn MVSEG 40% of all sales!
Party Book What is the Online Party Book? Follow this link to find out.
Playground Play structures, grass, trees, the new Outdoor Classroom – all these things make Mar Vista Elementary School a place where children can be stimulated to develop both their bodies and minds though active, creative play. There is still room for improvement as we work to implement our phased master plan. Please pitch in with your ideas, your contacts for funding, and your manual labor!
Community Events Throughout the year, local restaurants and businesses support MVSEG by donating a percentage of their proceeds back to us. Stay tuned for information about upcoming events!
Ralphs Rewards Scrip is a gift certificate or gift card for participating local and national merchants who donate a percentage of your purchase back to the school. Use it just like cash at participating stores.
Serendipity Garden The Serendipity Garden is a beautification project for the school playground that includes natural elements, trees, benches and a calm surroundings for our children.
Silent Auction Gala Silent Auction Gala: Saturday, March 10, 2018. Would you like to get involved in this event? Are you good at soliciting donations or promoting interesting goods and services? Have experience planning events? Want to help out?
Silent Auction Volunteers
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Silent Auction Gala: Saturday, March 10, 2018. Putting on the Gala is a big responsibility and we are fortunate enough to have upwards of 100 volunteers answer the call to action and why we have an organizer just for this.
Spell-A-Thon A major MVSEG fundraiser, the Spell-A-Thon is held every April.  This fun event allows kids to display their spelling prowess while raising money for the school. The committee counts on volunteers to help with the preparation and correction of papers.This event includes all grades K-5.
Spirit Wear Get into the Mar Vista Spirit! Show your support for the school by getting some Mar Vista Spirit Wear.
STEAM Night This school-wide event features hands-on activities in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math fields.
Square 1 Art The committee coordinates the art, distributes all sales materials to the students prior to the sale, creates displays for the school foyer, collects all order forms and monies after sale, tabulates orders and coordinates delivery of sale items. A few volunteers are needed to tabulate orders and more will be needed to help distribute the orders.
Website We are excited to be building this site into just what our community clamors for. You will find useful links to MVSEG Committees, information, calendars, and much more. What would you like to see on our site? Are you a writer or photographer? See something that needs updating?


(ETC) Educational Technology
  • OPEN
Educational Technology Committee (ETC) is comprised of parents, teachers and the principal. The ETC meets as needed to understand, apply and integrate computer and communications technologies into the classrooms. It facilitates training and staff development with computers, multimedia and the Internet. This year, we will work to support the school’s transition to mobile laptop learning within the classrooms. We will seek funds and grants to fulfill this exciting new direction for our school!
Science Program
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MVSEG provides funding for the FOSS Science Curriculum and for our Science Aides, Holly McCormick and Erin Olson. The children study a variety of topics in an exciting, hands-on format, including:

  • Insect life cycles (silk worms and mealworms)
  • Plant life cycles
  • Physical Sciences
  • Geological processes
Visual Arts Visual Arts Committee supports the continued growth of our school’s art program. Committee members volunteer to assist set up of lessons in the art studio or work with primary grade classes as needed. We help develop arts related programming activities for the school that support our curricula, but can take place outside of the art classroom. Help with the fabulous School-Wide Art Museum by typing student’s comment cards, organizing artworks through the grades, working with students to ensure everyone is included in the exhibition and helping to install the student works during the last two weeks of May. Check out what your child is doing in class by clicking on this link: Artist For Kids


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