Serendipity Garden

Mar Vista Elementary School’s Serendipity Garden has Broken Ground!

After several years of planning, Mar Vista’s “Serendipity Garden” was in danger of remaining a chain link fenced gravel area for years to come due to LAUSD’s underfunding, and cuts to personnel and resources.  However, your MVSEG stepped in and guaranteed to cover the shortfall to ensure the garden can grow!

We have now broken ground and development is underway!

There was a budget shortfall of $30,000 needed to get this project going and keep it from being stalled. The MVSEG board voted to pledge funds in the reserve account to commence this project. Now, we need your help to simultaneously grow the garden and replenish MVSEG’s reserves. If every family gives $60, we can do this together!


This design will enable the use of an outdoor classroom for the children to utilize with their teachers.

By providing an outside classroom, the school will gain a space to teach and show the power of nature and community. This translates into creating a garden environment that a large number of people can enjoy. Divisions are created with a natural boundary which will allow the users to see others and moments of activity. During the week when the school is in use, one can see an intertwining of activities creating a delicate rhythm throughout the play yard. This serendipity garden takes note of these activities through its design moves. In ddition, during recess and lunch, children can utilize this area for reading, playing board games, or socializing with peers.

Although we are hoping for $60 per family, whatever YOU can do is greatly appreciated!   MVSEG will be happy to accept any amount, large or small, which you can contribute.

In addition, if you give $500 or more to this project, an engraved paver will be placed in the garden with your name on it.

Please click this special link for the Garden to donate via PAYPAL. If you prefer to pay by check, please contact Jasmine Jaffe at Thank you in advance for your support!

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